All-female Skydiving Jump

The female skydivers of “The Highlight Pro Team,” part of the Women’s Skydiving Network’s Project 19 initiative, performed a celebratory jump at the Freedom’s Foundation in Valley Forge on Tuesday, August 25, to kick off Justice Bell (the official symbol of the women’s right to vote) Women’s Suffrage Centennial Celebration.

During the event, the team dove with a special champagne bottle, which was used to christen Justice Bell’s (also known as “the women’s Liberty Bell”) journey at a separate suffrage ceremony at its home at The National Patriots Bell Tower, Washington Memorial Chapel, Valley Forge Park, as well as women’s suffrage banners.

Justice Bell will make its ceremonious journey to Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia to commemorate the Women’s Suffrage Centennial as part of Vision 2020’s Toast To Tenacity event on Wednesday, August 26.

The “The Highlight Pro Team” Is:

Jumper 1: Allison Reay
Jumper 2: Karen “Lew” Dalton
Jumper 3: Maxine Tate

Commentator: Melissa Lowe

Ground Crew: Andi Bongart, Hanna Albercht

Also pictured:

Maria P. Bomersbach

President, Washington Memorial Heritage

Chair, Justice Bell 2020

Amy M. Schwab Photography.

The following link shows the GoPro footage from the all-female skydiving jump. It was a great jump!!