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Suffragists Fought To Get the Vote
Your Vote Is Your Voice

Every vote counts! Some elections are decided by a handful of votes. Some local elections are tied and decided by a coin toss. Power goes to the winner even if he or she wins by one vote. Officials know who votes. They pay attention to issues that are important to the people that vote. According to the US Census Bureau in 2012 elections, the voting rate for all eligible persons of voting age was only 56.5% while the voting rate for people who were registered to vote was 91.4%. Voter registration is key to increasing voter turnout. Voter turnout for the 2014 Fall Election was the lowest since World War II with only 36% of voting-eligible population voting.

Steps to be taken to vote
Register to vote – for the first time you can register to vote online which is quick and easy.
You can also download a Voter Registration form to mail to your County Voter Registration Office. Forms can be found at Libraries, welfare offices and military recruitment offices and the County Registration Office. Note: you must register 30 days in advance of the next election.

Learn more about the issues, who is running and candidate ideas. You can find who is running on or visit candidates’ websites when available. Look for debates and forums where you can ask candidates about issues of importance to you.

Absentee ballots are available for those who are not able to go to the polls on Election Day, because of illness, disability, vacation, employment and military service. This process can take several weeks, so plan ahead!
You must request an absentee ballot application from the County Board of Elections or download a copy from the website.
This form should be completed and sent to the Election Bureau. They will mail you an Absentee ballot.
The Absentee Ballot must be returned to the Election Bureau by 5 PM Friday before the election. Military absentee ballots can be received up to 7 days after the election.

PA’s Department of Election’s website VotesPA provides you with a huge amount of information to help make registering and voting easier.
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